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Henry Francis Atkinson (Harry)
27 June 1877 in Cork, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1950 ]
17 April 1956 in Abbey Street, Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s224 ]
in Friends Burial Ground, Richhill, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s224 ]
Born 6d 6mo 1870 - Died 3 December 1954
23 August 1903 in Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1636 ]
 Child 1
Born 21 March 1905 - Died Oct 1942
 Child 2
Born About February 1909 -
Ancestral View
Ireland, Civil Registration Birth Indexes
Name: Henry Atkinson
Registration District: Armagh
Registration Quarter and Year: 1877
Volume Number: 6
Page Number: 45
[RFSS Aug 2011]

1901 Census record taken on Sunday, 31 March.
Residents of a house 20 in Scotch Street (South Ward, Co. Armagh)
 SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1AtkinsonHenry23MaleHead of FamilyMethodist
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusSpecified Illnesses
1Co. ArmaghPoor Rate and Income Tax CollectorRead and writeNot Married-
2Co. ArmaghHouse KeeperRead and writeNot Married-
[RFSS Dec 2013]

1911 Census record taken on 2 April.
Residents of house number 14 in Rockmacreeny (Rich Hill, Co. Armagh)
 SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1AtkinsonHenry34MaleHead of FamilyMethodist
3Atkinson Thomas Sinton6MaleSonMethodist
4AtkinsonHelen Jane2FemaleDaughterMethodist
5SintonJane42FemaleSister in LawMethodist
6ConnorLily18FemaleDomestic ServantChurch of Ireland
7MannFrances Kathleen30FemaleNurseChurch of Ireland
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusYears MarriedChildren BornChildren Living
1Co. ArmaghSee BelowRead and writeMarried---
2Co. Armagh-Read and writeMarried722
3Co. ArmaghScholarRead and writeSingle---
4Co. Armagh-Cannot ReadSingle---
5Co. ArmaghGeneral ServantRead and writeSingle---
6Co. AntrimNurseRead and writeSingle---
Henry's Occupation given as 'Farmer and Collector Poor Rate and Income Food'
[RFSS Jan 2010]

Mr. Henry Atkinson, J.P.
A well known gentleman in the county, Mr. Henry Atkinson, J.P., who for round the past year was residing in Abbey St., Armagh, but who for the greater part of his life resided at Greenmount, died on Tuesday. Mr. Atkinson was the son of the Mr. John Atkinson and Mrs. Atkinson. Ten years ago he retired from the position of rate collector for the County Council a work which he took up in 1899. He was collector for the Grand Jury from 1896 until the passing of a Local Government Act in 1898, when he was transferred to the County Council. He was also income tax collector from 1896 to 1933 for Armagh and Dungannon Rural Councils.
He was appointed a J.P. in 1943. After his retirement in 1943 Mr. Atkinson devoted his time to farming and during the war he owned a flax mill and corn mill at Greenmount, Richhill. His wife, Mrs. Atkinson, died there in December 1954. She was formerly Miss Mary Sinton of Greenmount and was the last of the Sinton family. They were married on 26th August, 1903, and celebrated their golden wedding in 1953.
[RFSS Dec 2003]

Headstone of Henry Atkinson 1877 - 1956Headstone of Henry Atkinson 1877 - 1956
Friends Burial Ground, Richhill, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
Photograph © 2005 Sinton Family Trees
Ireland, Civil Registration Marriage Indexes
Name: Henry Atkinson
Spouse's Name: Mary Sinton
Registration District: Armagh
Registration Quarter and Year: Jul - Sep 1903
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 77
[RFSS Jun 2011]
[ s1950 ] Birth Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes - Birth of Henry Atkinson registered 1877 in Armagh Registration District, Ireland, United Kingdom - Volume Number: 6, Page Number: 45 - BR1877-xx-xx-HA
[ s224 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone, Friends Burial Ground, Richhill, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - H1956-17-04-HA
[ s1636 ] Marriage Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes - Marriage of Henry Atkinson and Mary Sinton in 3rd Quarter 1903 in Armagh Registration District, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom - Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 77 - MR1903-26-08-HA-LIMS
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