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Samuel Baker
8d 11mo 1893 in Harlesden, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom [ s2712 s2712 ]
2d 4mo 1924 in York, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom [ s2713 ]
7d 4mo 1924 in Friends Burial Ground, Winchmore Hill, London, England, United Kingdom
Born 21d 4mo 1856 - Died 16d 2mo 1899
Born 19d 7mo 1853 - Died 12d 6mo 1916
Ancestral View

Born at 15 St. Mary's Road, Harlesden. Delicate health. Was a patient at The Retreat in York (Quaker Mental Institution). See parents's txt files.
[Nick Baker]

Civil Registration Event: Birth
Name: BAKER, Samuel
Registration district: Hendon
County: Middlesex
Year of registration: 1893
Quarter of registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
Mother's maiden name: Not available before 1911
Volume no: 3A
Page no: 186
[RFSS Nov 2012]

Civil Registration Event: Death
Name: BAKER, Samuel
Registration district: York
County: Yorkshire
Year of registration: 1924
Quarter of registration: Apr-May-Jun
Age at death:30
Volume no: 9D
Page no: 13
[RFSS Nov 2012]
[ s2712 ] Birth Registration - Civil Registration Event - Birth of Samuel Baker to Samuel and Anna Baker registered 4th Quarter 1893 in Hendon Registration District, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom - Volume Number 3A, Page Number 186 - BR1893-08-11-SB
[ s2713 ] Death Registration - Civil Registration Event - Death of Samuel Baker registered 2nd Quarter 1924 in York Registration District, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom - Volume Number 9D, Page Number 13 - DR1924-02-04-SB
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